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Our start in the Angus breed began in 1996,assembling an elite donor herd while in Wisconsin. Returning home to Montana in 2002 we were fortunate enough to purchase and bring with us a few hand select cows. Trading a boat for a stock trailer and a semi loaded with our memories and lives, we pressed forward with Idland Cattle Company.


Since our humble beginnings our embryo program has proven to be invaluable to us in utilizing the potential of our donor herd. Developing the most solid genetics possible by pairing some of the best proven genetics from todays industry, we continue to strive to bring you a complete package. Here at ICC we believe the mother plays just as an important role in your calf crop as the sire side. Cow families such as Miss Wix, Flossie, Emblynette, Blackbird,Lass, Ginger & her dam 7152 to name a few; have provided multiple generations of these performance leading genetics.


Great sires that have carried ICC include Hoover Dam & his brother Home Run. These two bulls are slated to make their mark in Angus history! A favorite, Chief Justice has been invaluable and stands out with his consistency. New young sires with great genetic potential include Highwayman,Calvary, & Tour of Duty as well as full siblings to Mill Coulee Pay Raise.


Ranch History


Arne Idland built his Angus herd around a set of foundation females purchased from Olaf Tu of Circle, Montana. Many females were daughters of Form of Wye (Francis of Wye son). His first bull sale was held at Glendive Livestock April 5, 1974 where the top Adj. 365 Wt. bull crunched the scale at 1015 lbs. Most of the bulls had 800-925 lb. yearling weights. The top selling bull brought $1150 with two bulls marketed over $1000 and most of the bulls sold from $400-$800.


Arne monitored performance Angus genetics and built the herd using bulls that excelled in the Montana Beef Performance Association. The high gaining Angus bull in the April, 1974 test sale at Wibaux, MT posted a whopping 2.82 ADG ratioing 123 and indexed 117. Records, good phenotype, fertility, strong cow families and workable dispositions were important from the start in the ‘70s. The ranch where the Montana Angus Tour has their breakfast stop was homesteaded in 1910 by Glen’s great-aunt, Sina Idland Fosfi eld. The final homestead papers were signed by President Woodrow Wilson in October, 1916. Arne & Jenny immigrated from Norway in the fall of 1953 with 4-and-2-year old sons, Sven and Oddvar. They came thru New York City and worked their way to Circle, Montana to begin their ranching adventure in America. From 1959 to 1970 they bought additional property and raised five boys. Three more boys that were born in America - Alf, Kenny and Glen. Arne Idland always looked for a better way to tend for livestock and crops and was the first rancher in Eastern Montana to shear ewes before lambing.


The present day Idland Cattle Co. crew are proud to develop this original family ranch. Reece Idland will carry forward the torch into the future as the 3rd generation Idland family Angus breeder.



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